Supply Chain Excellence

Effectively directing, moving, and managing goods across the globe as well as at the domestic level is Supply Chain Excellence (SCE). Supply Chain Excellence focuses on delivering value to the customers while keeping the cost of operations at an optimal level.


Supply chain is the backbone of any organization. The days are gone when an efficient supply chain used to be a competitive edge. Now every organization requires state-of-the-art Supply Chain Management to compete with the market. At MNBEC, we believe in pursuing excellence, and our Supply Chain Excellence program has transformed several businesses worldwide.

Our Supply Chain Management solutions help businesses analyze, identify, eradicate and rectify supply chain problems. MNBEC’s SCE program is a focused, data-driven approach to optimize and achieve excellence in Supply Chain Management.

Our Supply Chain Model aims to enable our clients in the following 6 areas.

 Establish winning plans by combining supply chain and production operations.

 Capture end-to-end efficiency by taking a systematic approach to transformation.

 Improve efficiency by transforming production processes.

 Identify capability weaknesses and develop skills to improve organizational performance.

 Gain a comparative edge by cultivating a quality-oriented culture.

 Make the most of emerging digital and autonomous supply chain opportunities.

  • Value Chain Leadership

Identifying the flow of key variables and considerations which relate individual leaders to the effectiveness of the organization is Value Chain Leadership (VCL). Like other factors to consider, VCL should also be the top priority since excellence can be achieved through effective VCL. At MNBEC, we make sure to achieve that very excellence for our customers by proper VCL strategies and training. We make sure that the leaders contribute to achieving organizational effectiveness and excellence by putting VCL into practice.

  • Customer Value

Customer Value is referred to the satisfaction that a customer seeks in the organization instead of its competitors which leads to customer attraction, retention and eventually contributes to grabbing Market Share. MNBEC is a leading Business consultancy in Pakistan that ensures its clients that their customer value is fulfilled through best practices by our experienced Consultants.

  • Plan to Serve

Plan to serve refers to the coordination of activities involved in the production, storage, demand and supply optimization and transportation efficiency. This enables the companies to reduce costs, better planning on production and sift movement of the package to satisfy the needs and wants of their customers. MNBEC is a leading Business consultancy in Pakistan, We aim to make certain that our clients get the best solution to efficiently coordinate their activities in order to maximize their profits.

  • Logistics Focused Improvements

Focused Logistics is designed in order to reduce costs, response time reduction, efficient infrastructure and quality improvements. In today’s fast-paced business environment, Focused Logistics is a critical factor to achieve Supply chain excellence. We at MNBEC help our clients in identifying the potential improvements and suggesting the solutions that will serve them as a competitive advantage.

  • Reverse Flow and Sustainability 

Collecting the used product and recycling it for another use is Reverse flow, this allows a manufacturer not to remake the same thing again but rather utilize the recycled product for another use. The costs associated with recycling and reusing for other use is less than that of remaking the product. At MNBEC, our expert team of consultants design the process of reverse flow for our clients but also enable them to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Lean Flow 

Lean flow’s purpose is moving goods and services through processes swiftly and efficiently while mitigating the risks involved of quality and customer satisfaction. Lean flow is an integral part when Supply chain excellence is discussed. Our consultants at MNBEC provide state of the art consultancy in this regard and help our customers to achieve efficiency while moving its package across the organizational processes

  • Autonomous Management

Autonomous management is a business management system through which the employees of the organization are given the authority to work in teams to accomplish the tasks rather than controlled by senior management. An autonomous management system enables the employees to work more efficiently with authority and thus brings innovation to the table. Our expert consultants at MNBEC create efficient teams through proper training and sessions that improve the productivity of the employees and boost innovation.

  • Safety

Supply chain and safety move together in order to eliminate any potential hazards like employee safety in manufacturing, the manufacturing process hazards, material handling/flow hazards that can affect the flow of goods and services. MNBEC’s consultants evaluate the safety needs of their clients and provide state of the art solutions on safety so that our clients achieve excellence.