• Management & Business Excellence Consultancy

Strategic Process

The essential objective of this program is to develop the capability of using strategic process and quality control tools to understand, root cause and fix the problems.


This extensive and detail hands on workshop is all about to handle the real time scenarios of operations. Understanding of theory and its practical demonstration is really beauty of this course. Proper understating of issues and its permanent solution by using strategic process and quality control concept will enable operation team to be more effective. Develop the self-sufficient teams & models will be the ultimate objective of this course.

  • Course Contents
  1. Lean Sigma Definitions
  2. Getting Started
  3. Laying the Foundation – IPO Diagrams
  4. Mapping Your Process Go To Gemba (VSM Part1)
  5. Define Your Process/Quality Control Project
  6. Data Analysis with Basics Stats and Graphs (Summary Stats, Run Charts, CPK, Dot Plots, Box Plots etc.)
  7. Measurement System Analysis (MSA) – Check For Data Reliability
  8. Team Building and Project Management
  9. Reduce Process Variance
  10. Just In Time Concepts
  11. Implementing Flow and Pull
  12. Jidoka and Mistake-Proofing
  13. Standardized Work
  14. The Visual Workplace
  15. 5S
  16. Quick Change-Over
  17. Kaizen Events
  18. Hypothesis Testing (t-test and f-test)
  19. Measuring Process Control
  20. Basic Regression Analysis