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Standard Operating Procedure

The essential objective of this program is to build a basic understanding of the standard operating procedure, enlist all department wise SOPs, prioritized them as per business need.


Build hand on capability in writing an SOP by following the best in class practice. This will help key managers to lead the SOP development journey within your sections and departments to understand all sections of SOPs, its development supported by its ownership, qualification, execution and maintenance through systematic way. To demonstrate the problem resolution model and execution of preventive actions through amendments in the SOP for sustainability of business results.

  • Course Contents
  • Day-1
    1. Need for standardization
    2. Types of standard documents
    3. Enlistment of department wise SOPs
    4. Prioritization of SOP to start with
    5. Standard format of an SOP
    6. Objective and scope writing
  • Day-2
  1. SOPs writing methods
  2. Annexures identification
  3. Qualification checklist
  4. PACE definition of SOP
  5. Dept. SOP development Plan