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The essential objective of Production Management Basics program is to build a basic understanding of our valued participants about what Production Planning basics. Production Management involves the planning, organization, direction and execution of production activities.


The ultimate goal of any production management solution is to convert a collection of raw materials into a finished product. We refer to production management as the bringing together of the 6 ‘Ms’. This program builds capability in the participants to realize the core issues of production management & standardize the work processes to illuminate time, manpower, money, machine, methods and market losses.

  • Course Contents
  1. Fundamentals of Operations Improvement
  2. Introduction to Kaizen and Production System
  3. Shop Floor Cost Analysis
  4. Daily Direction Setting
  5. Layout Designing / Re-designing to improve work efficiency
  6. The 7 Wastes
  7. Eliminating MUDA from Production Floors
  8. Bottlenecks Identification & Line Balancing
  9. Continues Improvement via PDCA