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Decision Making Training

Everyone is required to make decisions and solve problems in their business and personal lives. Decision making are essential skills for managers and directors.


We make many quick decisions unconsciously; sometimes the best decision is no decision at all. However, managers and directors have to make major and strategic decisions, both individually and as a group, that require the use of proven processes. Often the justification for a decision is as important as making the decision itself. MNBEC provides a range of customized workshops, including decision making, for managers and directors using proven modules to suit individual and corporate needs. They are designed to suit the specific needs of the client and provide a comprehensive introduction to decision making in a manner that combines information transfer, practical exercises and focused discussion.

  • Course Contents
  1. What is decision making and why we need it?
    • General approaches to decision making
    • Structured approach to decision making
    • Creative thinking
    • Designing a decision-making strategy
    • Systems thinking
    • Decision execution
    • Improving communication
  2. Daily Real-life Decisions Enlisting – Exercise
  3. Types and categories of Decision real life
  4. Identification of Decision Type & Categories – Exercise
  5. Strategic, Tactical and operational level decision making protocols – Exercise
  6. Practicality Check of Decision Protocol