• Management & Business Excellence Consultancy

Operation Floor Productivity Improvement

The essential objective of this program is to take build the capability to improve the productivity of the operation floor. It helps to synchronize the Human related activities with the PACE of the production.


It aims to build the capability to utilize the productivity improvement tools on the floor and their implementation in the right sequence to see the work process losses, their elimination in extremely structured approach and develop the standards to keep it from coming back. Ultimately, Enable the organization to eliminating work process losses, reducing overall effort and driving stability in human activities.

  • Course Contents

Key course content includes:

  • Day-1
    1. Introduction of Productivity Improvement
    2. Area Selection
    3. How to calculate baseline productivity numbers specific to that area?
    4. Productivity Improvement 5 Steps – Process
    5. Step-1 Training – Preparation (Team Making & Strategic Alignment)
    6. Step-1 Exercise
    7. Step-1 Presentations
    8. Step-2 Training – Restore to Base the Condition
    9. Step-2 Exercise – at Operation Floor (Practical)
    10. Time on Floor (Practical)
  • Day-2
    1. Step-2 Presentation
    2. Step -3 Training – Understand the Situation by using 1 thought process, 3 tools and 2 Behaviours
    3. Step-3 Exercise – at Operation Floor (Practical)
  • Day-3
    1. Step -3 Presentation
    2. Step -4 Training – Improvement Implementations by using 3 thought process and 3 tools
    3. Step -4 Exercise – at operation floor (Practical)
  • Day-4
    1. Step -4 Presentation
    2. Step -5 Training – Standardization and Reapplication
    3. Step -5 Exercise
    4. Step -5 Presentation