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Meetings Standardization Service

After setting the direction of the business till the individual level, review process will ensure the health of execution. In order to review the plans in disciplined way, communication at all levels will be the only tool to take follow ups, alignment and further coaching for continuous improvement.


Meetings are the most effective mode of communication to create action for execution and betterment. Flow of meetings aligned with business needs will make them effective to bring people together to communicate and achieve consensus. Right level of meeting (i.e. shift, daily, weekly, and monthly, quarterly & yearly etc.) synchronized with the flow of business operations will help to drive the execution to achieve the compelling business need.

  • Course Contents

Key course content includes:

  • Day-1
    1. Client presentation to get top line idea
    2. Facility Visit
    3. Define the structural and geographical boundary to start with
    4. Understand the current operation working flow
    5. Understand the current state of business and organization results
  • Day-2
    1. Development of improved communication matrix
    2. Training via demonstration
  • Day-3
    1. Training and demonstration
    2. Health Check Development and Deployment
    3. Health Check Execution & Demonstration