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KPI Development & Deployment

When organization have basics of SDDS (Strategy Development & Deployment) in place i.e. Business Fundamentals, Company Master Plan, Approved Organization Structure and Approved Job Descriptions, then the most important part in to track the performance at company, departmental, sections and individual level.


This program will help to under the existence of company fundamentals and their enabling part through organization performance modelling. After establishing strong connection between company foundations and organization performance modelling, we agreed on number of roles required to deliver desired business results in sustainable way. Role wise KPIs will be formulated supported by calculation formula and measuring frequency.

Finally, it will be transformed into Balance Scorecards which will help to track each KPIs Actual vs. Target throughout the year to bring excellent cultural shift from Performance Appraisal to Performance Management.

  • Course Contents

Delivery of this core focus area includes 4 Steps as follows:

  • Step-1: Understanding & Linking – Current Situation
    1. Tri-Pack Limited business fundamentals i.e. (Vision, Mission, Values & Principles)
    2. Company and Departmental Level objective
    3. Organization Performance Model
    4. Aligned & approved organization structures.
    5. Total number of roles and their approved Job Descriptions
  • Step-2: Development Step
    1. Development of role wise KPIs, calculation formula, measuring frequency
    2. Development of role wise Scorecards
  • Step-3: Agreement and Approval
  • Step-4: Delivery to individuals