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Inspection And Measuring

The essential objective of this program is to develop inspection technology and measurement systems for plants machinery, equipment, parts and manufacturing processes with the objective of providing added value, fundamental to the production process in terms of an increase in precision, productivity, quality and reliability.


This program builds capability within the Inspection Team to standardize the inspection tenures and adapt proper measuring techniques to stabilize productivity, improve work and product quality and reliability. The program enables key stakeholders to eliminate the losses due unwanted break down of systems and mechanisms.

  • Course Contents
  1. OCC. Hygiene:
    • Introduction to OCC. Hygiene
    • Industrial Hygiene Concepts
  2. Anticipation and Recognition
    • Particulate Matter
    • Gases and Vapours
    • Noise and Heat
  3. Evaluation
    • Exposure Assessment Concepts
    • Air Sampling for Particulate Matter
    • Air Sampling for Gases and Vapors
    • Indoor air quality monitoring.
    • Heat stress index, measurement and management.
    • Illumination level survey
  4. Control
    • Hierarchy of Controls
    • Principles of Ventilation
    • Personal Protective Equipment and Other Control Options
  5. Basic Concepts of Workplace Exposure Assessment
  6. Hierarchy of controls and how it applies to Hazard Control
  7. Integration into occupational/environmental health practice.
  8. Use of Workplace monitoring Gadgets