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Emergency Response

This program is proven methodology and set of tools used by the leadership and top management of a well-established, growing and sustainable organization. It consists of Assessments, Trainings, Hands on Exercises, Discussion and Agreement Activities.


The program is highly interactive and result oriented, not only with reference to answering queries, but also sharing the experience gathered through regular working experience in the world top class industries. The program includes a series of discussions with an individual / syndicate/role play exercises for learning, developing believes and execution.

  • Program Objectives

The essential objective of this program is to build a basic understanding of the Types of Emergencies & Setting Standard Responses to different types of emergencies. This program will also demonstrate different types of emergencies to help you understand their basic conditions, and re-engineer and standardize corrective measures to minimize the losses. Our training will ensure to build capability in the core team to standardize Emergency Response and will also enable to train people on continuous basis having set pattern and standards. The program enables key stakeholders to eliminate the losses by identifying Maintenance Standards and Standardizing Emergency Response.

  • Course Contents
  1. Introduction and types of emergencies
  2. Practical examples and revisiting the current emergency plans if any
  3. Importance of site emergency response plan
  4. Formulating SOPs on Emergency Response Plan
  5. Requirements of site evacuation and fire drills.
  6. Responding in case of manmade and natural emergencies.
  7. Hands on training on first aid and fire fighting response.