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Material Management Skills

Material Management is integral part of business. This course will cover all material management functions i.e. cycle of acquisition, control, usage and reverse supply chain.


This course begins with forecasting and planning and concludes with disposition of obsolete and excess materials.This integrated view provides the organization with the best opportunities for the effective use of company resources for materials expenditures and management.

  • Course Contents
  • Day-1
  1. Setting comprehensive inventory goals and objectives
  2. Understanding carrying costs and economic order quantity theory
  3. Improving material identification and coding
  4. Segmenting inventory for analysis
  5. Using formal procedures for making the decision to stock
  6. Determining safety stock levels and order points
  7. Improving min/max systems and settings
  8. Understanding and using material forecasts
  9. Establishing a warehouse scorecard
  • Day-2
  1. Creating best practices in the physical control of materials
  2. Measuring record accuracy and improving cycle counting systems
  3. Increasing the use of warehouse technologies
  4. Improving warehouse safety and security
  5. Preventing and reducing surplus materials
  6. Understanding investment recovery techniques
  7. Using the disposition value chain for investment recovery