• Management & Business Excellence Consultancy

Work Process Improvement Skills

This program is proven methodology and set of tools used by Leadership and top management of well-established, growing and sustainable organizations. It consists of assessments, trainings, hands on exercises, discussion and agreement activities.


The course of study is extremely interactive and result oriented, not just with reference to answering questions, but also sharing the experience accumulated through regular working experience in the world top class industry. The program includes a series of discussion with an individual / syndicate/role play exercises for learning, developing believes and execution. We ensure 100% people involvement and zero loss mind-set during this workshop.

  • Program Objectives

The essential objective of this program is to cater to the real time case of the client. Build the basic understanding of the business work processes. Define the problems related to business work process, understand their basic condition and losses associated too that work process, re-engineer them to reduce the losses associated to that processes. This program builds the capacity in the core team to standardize the work processes and enable to train people for that. The program enables key stakeholders to eliminate the losses due to un-efficient processes.

  • Course Contents
  1. Training on Business Work Processes
  2. Identification of Department Wise Work Processes
  3. Prioritized Work Process or Start Working on already Identified Problems
  4. Selection of work processes to be improved
  5. Team charter Development for processes re-engineering
  6. Understand the Work Processes by using of possible applicable below mention applicable tools
    • Process flow diagrams
    • Spaghetti charts
    • Effort data collection (FTE Calculations)
    • Process observation tool
    • Time observation tool
    • Effort balance charts
  7. Bring back to base condition or create the base condition
  8. Improvements via re-engineering by use the below mention tools
    • Process flow diagrams
    • ECRS
    • Action Planning
  9. Create Case Study for execution through below mention tools
    • Create / Improve SOPs / JDs / Work Instructions / Job Aids
    •  Create / Improve Skill Matrix
    • Create / Improved Step Up Card
    • Create / Health Checks