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Behavior Based Safety

The essential objective of this program is to build an understanding of human behaviour at work place and co-relate behavioural acts with human resources and asset safety management within organization/society.


To define the issues related to employee behaviours we dig down early stage fixations with individuals and their day to day practices. This program ensure illumination of all early stage negative fixations that have negative impact at work places and pauses safety at work and personal life. The program enables key stakeholders to reframe a positive attitude towards fellow colleagues, safety and trains all about ‘Safety First’

  • Course Contents
  1. Human Behaviour (Past, Present and future)
  2. Human Fixations
  3. Correlate Human Fixations with Negative Attitude leading to Zero Safety level.
  4. Positive Change of Behaviour
  5. Human and Asset Safety
  6. Requirement for Behavioural Change and Safety
  7. Introduction of BOS / OFS
  8. Execution of BOS / OFS for site