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Helps in Vendor Scheduling, a process in which the communication between the firm and the supplier is taken place for the required raw material as agreed.


It is a contract in which there are hardcopies of purchasing orders. The data is gathered from the purchasing department and forecasting is done by the planning department. Vendor registration will be mandatory for those who wish to supply their material and services. Another helpful and easier way is digitalization of approval process, in which all the information is provided on one page and it becomes easier to make purchase decisions accordingly. It is essential for a company to track every material whether it’s an asset or a waste through real time gate pass tracking. And make instant approval of gate pass by managing the entry and exit of the employees and the visitor’s vehicles and keep their track. When moving towards the computer system from manual system, E-verification helps to measure the access of the people.

It provides many benefits like Vendor KPI Management, which helps in reducing cost, improve service delivery, reducing risks, Improve financial and operational activities and better relationship with the vendors. It provides hassle free entry/exit of the employees, helps in maintaining the record of the employee’s attendance, their working hours and their schedules. It provides us security i.e. Records of important documents and employee’s records etc. Tracking returnable enables you controlling asset’s lost. Measuring the Asset’s shortage and excessiveness. Streamlined intra communication helps to interact with the employees through different messaging apps, rather than on emails. Online communication will help sharing the work and saving time.

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