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Skill Matrix

Facilitating TNA will help in filling the gap between the employee’s training and the need of training. It will allow to set a benchmark for the evaluation of the training.


The ROI will be more than 100% on training which means you have obtained your money back, while less than 100% means that you have lost your money. Knowing skills level will enhance the learning speed so you can adapt better to the changes. If you realize that the share’s price is going down, you can eliminate loss by selling it. Assessing training needs by identifies the knowledge, skills and abilities required to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. Connecting skills with KPI allows you to measure your skills.

Goal setting enables you to clearly focus on what is important for the company.it is very essential for decision making. Develop a plan and involve expertise to identify the training needs.

Upgradation of the tracking progress is very essential check and balance of the employee’s activities will enhance the work performance. Identifies areas of improvement by employee’s assessment will help increase the productivity of the company. Graphical reporting will help presenting large amount of data in graphs that will be easy to understand by the audience.

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