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Web application that helps to block ads on webpages and allows content filtering. Automated Email Notification enables to boost up the revenue of the business and reduce cost.


It helps in increasing the brand awareness by keeping the existing customers more interested. Integration with ERP system helps you to improve inventory management system. It allows access to important information and shortens the overheads of training and IT. RFQ stands for Request for Quotation, helps customers who are looking for price quotes about a product or service. Vendor Procurement Management helps in cost cutting and minimizing risk associated with the vendors that helps them in the long-run. Procurement quotation sorting helps in purchasing of specific goods and products from the supplier by requesting them a price quote.

Graphical reporting also termed as visual reporting helps in understanding large amounts of data in charts and graphs rather than raw numbers. Cost reduction helps controlling the cost incurred in the company’s operations and to increase the profits and the market share of a company. Communication with vendor reduces the risk and allows you to make a record of the company’s purchase. Hassle free procurement process helps in cost reduction, enhanced customer satisfaction, minimizing risk and better relations with the supplier. Eliminating paperwork allows us to increase business efficiency, reducing errors, speeding up the work and more accurate results.

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