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Electronic Shift Handover Takeover (ESHOTO)

Automated task delegation helps delegated tasks to employees who are eligible to perform those tasks. Auto-generation of short forms helps in reading and understanding long contents easily.


Communication matrix allows team members in different departments to communicate and work together. It improves the communication among different departments. Through Shift ending reports the outgoing employees informs about the progress of the work. ATS Management is a software used to manage the job positions and posting. Also used in hiring and recruiting process. Automated data transfer is used to manage and transfer large complex data with more accuracy and efficiency. Synchronizing shift handover enables to continue the work process by effective communication between the employees. Reducing shift handover time is the process of reducing the time wasting during the change in employee’s shift. Reducing equipment startup and shutdown time will help reduce the time during starting and shutting down the equipment that help s increasing the production. Overall organization efficiency leads towards the organization’s goals and helps increase the performance by putting less efforts and money.

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