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Electronic Preventive Maintenance (EPM)

Logging PM plans will help setting clear goals and objectives and to achieve those goals in the future. Record keeping of spare parts are essential to keep proper care of spare parts and keeping an eye on the critical parts.


Automated notification for spare parts will keep us aware about the spare parts and take care of them. Calculating meantime between failures is the average time before the failure of a product. Maintenance of post prevention KPI’s allows to maximize the efficiency. BI through sensors used to collect encircled data and convert it into meaningful information. It helps in meeting the customer’s needs and wants and to make decisions accordingly.
Automating PM plans will result in improved quality, cutting down labor cost and lower the expenses. Optimizing performance management will enhance the employee’s performance and development that ensures better business results. Reducing performance management time improves efficiency and helps achieve the company’s goals and objectives more efficiently. Enhancing OE of machines results in the increased production and lifetime of the machine. Increasing the operating margins will help a company reduces its financial risks and improves the profitability of a company.

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