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Tracking machine production process allows an organization to be more accurate and efficient in their time and work. KPI’s of shift manager will help measuring the performance of the shift manager whether the required objective or goal is achieved or not.


Critical Alert Generation help creating a big difference in the organization performance. The critical information is easily visible and the financial risks become low. Real time data extraction, extracts previously used data and add new information. Automated quality reports will provide information about the quality of the product. It would be factual and based on verified information and proofs. Automated data acquisition enables to identify problems quickly, eliminate human errors and improved quality control. Paper Elimination enables to increase the efficiency, work duplication will be controlled and errors will be removed. Graphical reporting allows presentation of data in charts and graphs rather than in raw form. It makes the data easier to understand. Machine maintenance will help increase the production. Production efficiency will increase the production of quality goods that will increase the sales revenue of a company. Quality Assurance, the product must have a good quality. Identify the defects and provide best quality. Operation cost reduction allows to reduce the cost of the products and services that will increase the market share and profitability.

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