Daily Direction

Enlisting of day to day problems are essential to identify the problems and to solve them quickly. Understanding of the problem area and identify if the problem occurs in the production area, operation area or in the service area


After understanding the problem, the segregation of problem is very important. The problems need to be segregated on a daily basis. Daily direction setting will help improving quality, reducing errors and problem solving. Understanding the tools enables us to work in an organized way. Prioritize the problem and took steps to solve the problem.Make resolution plans by using different tools will increase the efficiency. Action plan must contain enough details about the goals and objectives. Daily direction flow department provides daily directions about the tasks to be performed in an organization. The product title varies from one stage to another is Flag ownership. Communicating the health information with the people and make them aware about the health issues.

In a comprehensive, holistic process facilitated by digital and agile strategies, the Growth Excellence framework helps boost returns and program success across the whole business.

  • Course Content
  1. Enlisting of Day to Day problems
  2. Understanding of Problem Area (Equipment / Service, People, Process)
  3. Segregation of problem
  4. Training in DDS Concept
  5. Tools understanding (6W2H, Fishbone, Y-Y, PFDs, CILs, PM, Action Tracking, OPM)
  6. Prioritization of problem
  7. Resolution plan by using specific tools (Hands On Training)
  8. Action Plan to way forward
  9. Daily Direction flow development
  10. Flow Ownership
  11. Communication Forums Health Checks
  12. Action Plan to way forward