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Manufacturing Excellence is about being the best when it comes to manufacturing the product. Manufacturing Excellence aim to provide best quality product at the best price which leads to competitive advantage.


Since the world is being more and more competitive and keeping up pace with best product quality along with best service with the best price is a major hurdle. Our Consultants at MNBEC ensure clients that they achieve what they aim at and Manufacturing Excellence is achieved in order to get competitive advantage.

  • Focused Improvement

    It involves the process of applying systematic problem solving methods to manufacturing, and it relies on aligning the correct method to the correct scenario. The main objective of Focused Improvement is for equipment to perform as well every day as it does on its best day. The fact is machines do virtually 100 percent of the product manufacturing work. The only thing we people do, whether we’re operators, technicians, engineers, or managers, is to tend to the needs of the machines in one way or another. The better our machines run, the more productive our shop floor, and the more successful our business. The driving concept behind Focused Improvement is Zero Losses. Maximizing equipment effectiveness requires the complete elimination of failures, defects, and other negative phenomena in other words, the wastes and losses incurred in equipment operation. Our team of expert Consultants at MNBEC provide your business with the state of the art business solutions with Focused Improvements in all areas with zero losses.

  • Autonomous Management

    It is a business management system in which employees and work groups have the authority to manage their own processes, they don’t rely on senior management or other shareholders for their work details control. This process provides an employee with independence to schedule their work and determine how it is to be done. Higher levels of autonomy on the job have been shown to increase job satisfaction, and in some cases, motivation to perform the job. Our expert consultants at MNBEC create that efficient teams by proper trainings and sessions that improves the productivity of the employees and boost the innovation.

  • Planned Maintenance

    Planned maintenance is a proactive approach to maintenance in which maintenance work is scheduled to take place on a regular basis. The type of work to be done and the frequency varies based on the equipment being maintained, and the environment in which it is operating. The primary objective of planned maintenance is to maximize equipment performance by keeping equipment running safely for as long as possible, without that equipment deteriorating or having unplanned outages. MNBEC’s consultant evaluate for its client that when and what type of maintenance is required and can save you from potential breakdowns and also life of the asset.

  • Progressive Quality

  • Education and Training

    Customer education is a way to help customers and clients become well-informed buyers. As a result of training, customers can become more satisfied with a product or service, because they learned about what to expect before purchasing it. At MNBEC, Customer education can come in many different forms, including programs implemented through a learning management system or in person interactions.

  • Safety and Environment

    Manufacturing and safety move together in order to eliminate any potential hazards like employee safety in manufacturing, the manufacturing process hazards, material handling/flow hazards that can affect the flow of goods and services. Company has to ensure that their employees are using proper equipment for the smooth flow of manufacturing. MNBEC’s consultants evaluate the safety needs of their clients and provide state of the art solutions on safety so that our clients achieve excellence.

  • Lean Flow

    Lean Flow is about how items or people we are dealing with in a process move from the first step to the last. The purpose of this flow is to move the item or product through the process as quick as possible, without any risk to quality and customer satisfaction. Lean flow can help any business motivated to produce products and deliver services using as few resources as possible, while eliminating as much waste as possible.

  • Early Equipment Management

    Early Equipment Management (EEM) is a structured process focusing on reducing the complexity associated with the real-time operation and maintenance of equipment. EEM brings the principles of Lean to the design and manufacture of equipment. In this process the goal is to introduce a loss and defect free process so that equipment downtime is minimal (zero breakdowns), and maintenance costs are all considered and optimized, from commissioning onwards.

  • Early Product Management

    Early Product Management’ refers to management activities carried out to ensure that everything runs smoothly from the conceptual product planning stage right up until volume production. This process aims to shorten development lead times, with teams working on simultaneous activities so that vertical start up can be achieved with zero quality loss (zero defects).

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