Autonomous Maintenance

The essential objective of this program is to build a basic understanding of the autonomous maintenance, difference between conventional and autonomous approach. Understand the current status of maintenance of equipment.


Resource portfolios often struggle to convert overall policy into capital allocation across projects. Many ventures fail to return their cost of capital because they lack an established and optimized business case.

In a comprehensive, holistic process facilitated by digital and agile strategies, the Growth Excellence framework helps boost returns and program success across the whole business.

Relation between operator and machine, how and why should he take care of his equipment? Understand the current CIL (Cleaning, Inspection and Lubrication processes). Understand the 7 type of defects and road map to eliminate those defects to reduce the minor stops of the machines. The program enables Operation staff to maintain equipment’s through capability of operators.

  • Course Content
  1. Training on Business Work Processes
  2. Identification of Department wise work processes
  3. Prioritized work process
  4. Selection of work processes to be improved
  5. Team charter Development for processes re-engineering
  6. Understand the Work Processes
  7. Usage of all WPI tools
  8. Bring back to base condition or create the base condition
  9. Improvements via re-engineering
  10. Create Case Study for execution
  11. Final Presentation